Hedge inks are all made using sustainably harvested, only taking a maximum of one third of what I find and always with a mind toward the wild people animals, insects, vertebrae est al) who rely on these plants for food, shelter etc.

Inks in the shop have all been carefully crafted with and all incorporate a natural modifier to aid lightfastness, rendering them stable. They also are packaged in an indigo glass bottle, which is believed to be a UV resistant glass, protecting the inks further from UV attack! The labels on my bottles are home compostable as they too are plant based.

Workshops are all based around the making of your own botanical inks. I encourage participants, either online or in person workshops, to forage and harvest from their local area. Be it country or town, many people get a great kick out of looking at their environs in a different way, seeing common plants, and thinking for the first time “I wonder if I can get colour out of that”. And that is why I do what I do!