“As part of my making practice, a progression has occurred quite naturally. Other artists have requested specific inks to be made for their own purposing. This is a task I have taken to with great gusto, allowing me to widen my own skills and experimental tendencies. Fancy something specific and animal free in the ink field, give me a shout and we will see what we shall see”. Keep up to date with these projects through my blogs, where I share processes, inspirations and outcomes.


tomcampbellart is a multi disciplinary artist, known far and wide for his drawings, paintings, happenings and performances. And a general ray of sunshine and anarchy. We traded a bottle of bog water and a lump of bog for a selection of inks including a special white drawing ink. The bog water was part of a collection that friends were posting to me during one of the lockdowns, and Tom’s wonderful offering was from Cill Rialaig, Co. Kerry where he was doing a residency. The area is a Gaeltacht, so not only does it have the smell of true freedom, it also has the whispers of the lands language…he deserves more than what I traded in honesty. Check him out, buy a painting!!


hands.inked is an amazing Dublin tattoo artist, using hand poke techniques, symbolism and general coolness! We are collaborating to see if we can recreate an authentic black tattoo ink, even down to using bone and flint points. I love this project. It is on a slow burner because of the whole pandemic carry on, but when the time is right, special charred animal bone (found red squirrel) will be combined with an authentic vehicle (urine!) and tested out on yours truly. We are going for an as authentic buzz as we can, which you can probably tell by now!! Can not wait


junefairhead  is a local illustrator and photographer who lives by the sea. Our dogs are great friends, and so are we! Her work is always poised on the moment of movement. She somehow manages to capture that in between place of inhale and exhale. Her work, especially her trees, are very beautiful.

June wanted a red red ink. I made her a madder hatter red, with a bit of tweaking I brought up the vibrancy and lightfastness. Looking forward to seeing what she creates with it.


Seedypics  work has the bang of irreverence and profanity, and I love it!

He uses black water based printing inks predominantly. He asked me to make an ink for him that would be tacky enough to roll, and black enough to hold a punch.

Making inks, at the best of times is a slow process. For my own work, it took me many takes until I got my base consistency figured out, and that is only the starting point. With this ink, it has been a similar process of trailing, posting, getting feedback and returning to the mulling table. I love all this though. It’s inspiring for both my making skills and it’s always good to get a perspective on another artist’s processes and requirements. It opens my own creative capacity, but that’s the joy of collaboration eh! This ink is still in the making. A special native branch is to be charred and used in the final bottle. To get the depth that is required, I will be using some other brazen botanicals to deepen and bring a fresh tone of black to the ink.