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Part 1 of a  4 part series on Iron Black/Oak Gall Black Ink… 

There is a fantastic tradition coming out of 12th-14th century nunneries and monasteries of Europe in which each property sold, alongside many other home produced products, their black oak gall ink.

Hello and welcome to my first stab at the auld blogging 

By way of a brief introduction, I am Annie. I am an ink maker, based in the Irish countryside. I make botanical based drawing inks, facilitate workshops and talks and try to eek out time in which to conduct my own art practice, which firmly rotates around the use of the colours that I create. …

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Alder-Alnus glutinosa-Fearnóg 

Alder is a sweet medium sized tree. You can usually spy it lurking on the edges of streams and meandering rivers. Once you start to keep an eye for them, they invariably begin popping up in every wetland you come across.